Meadowstone Farm, Bethlehem NH

If one were to find themselves on Brook Road in Bethlehem New Hampshire, it would be wise to make a stop at Meadowstone Farm. A tin horse drawn hay rake mounted upright is the landmark to look for. The rake guards a bridge over quaint meandering stream trickling underneath.

Since they purchased the land 14 years ago, farm owners Tim and Jess have been creating an environment of agriculture, education, and community. 2-Chevre cheese After the adventure-seeking educators settled down from traveling the world, they purchased over 200 acres of land. Tim started Meadowstone Farm and Jess founded Woodland Community School. The location, formerly an old New England cow dairy farm, was in tough shape, but the couple has worked hard to clear the land and reinvigorate the soil to be able to transform it back into a working farm. Vegetables are their chief crop but they also raise chickens for eggs and meat, and goats for goat cheese.

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Evandale Farm, Pittsfield, NH
December 9, 2012
Evandale Farm, Pittsfield, NH

Evandale Farm’s Ray Conner and Peter Dow are part of the growing small-scale, regenerative farming movement in New Hampshire and New England; part of a growing sect of first generation farmers who are rediscovering the challenges and rewards of running a small farm and business.

While Ray focuses on the production of organically-raised meats and produce, Pete is focused on generating on-farm energy in order to create closed-loop systems on their farm.

Riverslea Farm, Epping, NH
November 29, 2012
Riverslea Farm, Epping, NH

“In 1991 when we bought a 200 year old farm in disrepair, we did not have a plan, we just thought it would be a nice place to live and fix up,” says Jeff Conrad who, with his wife Liz owns Riverslea Farm in Epping, NH.

The Conrads’ early renovations, however, began to take on a life of their own. After turning their old farm house into a comfortable and infinitely livable home, they went to work on their barns, three of them, and with that task complete, came a eureka moment; the barns, the Conrads realized …

Someday Farm, Canterbury, NH
November 27, 2012
Someday Farm, Canterbury, NH

The farm was in shambles but its bones were strong; the site sang to Dean and Barbie Tilton and, adding to the allure, it was in Barbie’s hometown of Canterbury, New Hampshire. So in 1993, they embarked on the long journey of lovingly restoring and rebuilding a derelict small farm and to own something they had always wanted. The “somedays” began flooding their discussions. Someday they would have a new foundation; someday they would have a new kitchen; someday they might even have a new barn.

Vegetable Ranch, Warner, NH
October 29, 2012
Vegetable Ranch, Warner, NH

On a sparkling fall day on the property of the prestigious and affluent St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH, Vegetable Ranch owner Larry Pletcher kneels in freshly tilled soil planting spinach. In the next field over, the school is preparing an artificial turf lacrosse and soccer field for opening day. Lifestyle contrasts for sure. But fortunately for Larry, who needed the land to grow his certified organic vegetables, the school agreed to lease the neighboring field to him for what is now universally deemed a good cause.